Jesse Havey of the Duhks


Does anyone have an image of Jesse Havey (the original singer for the Duhks) it's all her fault that I fell back in love with music and now sing in a student band. 

She is my hero and I have no decent picture of her.... 

never mind i found some good ones and I guess I can not delete this topic.
Amoret Phillips thanking you ahead of time if you do.

Banjo Junkie:
Nice photo Amo!  I liked her better than the new singer, although that's not meant as a "diss" to the new singer!  :)

If you do want this deleted, holler!   ;D

The new singer is Sarah Duga (sp?) and she has a powerful voice and spirit too. I think she had some big shoes to fill as a "new" lead singer for the beloved Duhks and I think she has done it with a lot of style. I loved hearing her sing whole lot of love which you can download by the way

First time I head her last year on the Americana stage.


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